Diseño de transporte neumático y conveyors 2017-06-05T18:56:03+00:00

Pneumatic conveyor design

The process of pneumatic material transport consists mainly of moving solids either in powders or granular particles within a pipe.

The movement of the materials is given by the combination of a pressure differential and a flow of gas under pressure. For this purpose, an analysis is made of the requirements of each material that the customer requires and equipment, diameters are selected and a route is created to transport the materials, according to the norms and regulations that are required.

Transport by conveyors is done by analyzing the requirements of each customer, taking into account the limiting spaces and safety measures that each client has.

The information is analyzed and proposals are provided with different types of material conveyors, adjusting to the need and the product being transported. Each material is transported in different ways so each design is unique for each customer and an individual study is carried out under the norms that govern the handling of materials.