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Fire Systems Design

The fire system is one of the main security areas of a building to safeguard the physical integrity of people, equipment and the building itself. It is governed by specific standards, NFPA and Factory Mutual.

ATPIMSA has the necessary experience in all types of Fire Systems to offer the following services:

  • Engineering of fire protection systems according to NFPA and FM.
  • Systems and calculation of automatic sprinklers pipe grids.
  • Analysis of risk and protection with sprinklers.
  • Calculation of pumping systems to use automatic sprinklers and hose stations.
  • Hydrant hydraulic networks and power systems.
  • Hose stations.
  • Flood systems.
  • Foam systems.
  • Smoke detection, alarm and monitoring systems.
  • Gas fire suppression systems (FM-200, ECARO, CO2, Inergen).
  • Audible and visible signaling modules.
  • Analysis of passive fire protections as fire resistant rated walls and emergency evacuation.
  • Specification and design of fire water tanks.
  • Firefighting pumping equipment, controllers and accessories.
  • Fire risk analysis to determine the type of fire system to be applied.