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Equipment and Piping Arrangements

The design of the piping systems includes the piping geometry and material selection, joining methods, all instrumentation and flow control accessories and fittings, supports and seismic brazing; all according to the process, complying with global and local norms, regulations and best trade practices.

ATPIMSA works out designs of equipment lay outs based on the unique needs of each specific customer, these can be:

  • Distributions of plant by process, which are distinguished by grouping activities and similar equipment according to the technological process they perform.
  • Distributions of plant by product, the equipment or processes of linear form, organizing them for the elaboration of a product or a line of products of continuous form.
  • Fixed plant distributions that are used in the manufacture of products that, because of their size, can not be easily mobilized.
  • Manufacturing cells, a concept that is based on the philosophy of group technology, which groups the parts in families and the machines in cells from the technological similarities of manufacturing between them.

It also includes the design of the support elements, such as springs and pendants, structures to fix the supports. Design conditions such as temperature, pressure, fluid shocks, thermal loads, type of fluids, etc., are established for optimum plant and process function.