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Asesoría Técnica y Proyectos Industriales de Monterrey,
S.A. de C.V.

We are an engineering and construction firm specialized in providing comprehensive services for industrial, commercial, and housing projects for both new installations and renewals of existing facilities.

We specialize in industrial, commercial and housing facilities, including projects for both new facilities and renewals to existing facilities.


ATPIMSA is a Mexican company founded in 1989, since then we have been participating in the economic development of our society, providing our engineering services for new projects, expansions, and increasing and/or improving the productive capacity of industrial plants.

Currently we are 80 employees, of which 30 are engineers of all specialties.


To respond with the highest standards of quality and technological innovation to the global market, adding value to their projects and providing excellent service, with a deep sense of responsibility to both clients and society, having always sustainability in mind.


The most reliable and comprehensive engineering company with excellent global reputation based on the human and professional quality of all its members.


Conceptual and basic engineering

Post-engineering services


The best service & quality in all projects.